This 260 page book describes chronologically the history of candlepin bowling in this province dating back to the late 1800s.  

It provides detail year-by-year results of the following tournaments:
Maritime Men's (1901-1991)
NB Men's Provincial 'A' (1939-1995)
NB Men's Classic (1969-1995)
Maritime Ladies' (1964-1995)
NB Ladies Provincial 'A' (1942-1995)
NB Provincial Mixed (1981-1995)
Where possible the members of both the winning and 2nd place teams are listed.

This book also lists the 400s as bowled in each of the three major individual challenged trophies: 
Marven (1925-1994)
Hatfield (1951-1992)
Jap Blake (1976-1994) 
by Carol Randall (1996)
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