CARandall Fine Art Photography
As a young child in 1952 I contracted paralytic polio that left me with braces and crutches for the remainder of my life. Two years later our Randall family moved to Harvey Station, NB where I would be closer to the Polio Clinic in Fredericton.  While living in the country, our dogs and horses provided me with many opportunities to exercise my limbs as well as an introduction to photography. Originally just a hobby, photography became more serious for me when I moved to Montreal, Quebec in 1972, where for eight years I was very fortunate to work at my dream job as the National Hockey League's first Statistical Researcher. I soon bought my first Minolta SLR camera and joined the Montreal Camera Club where I improved my 'eye' for 'the 'perfect' shot. Today I am a member of Photo Fredericton."
In 1994 my photographic goals changed again when I adopted my 'soul dog', Clancy, a Rottweiler.  Obedience Trials and Dog Shows (conformation) then provided me with the opportunity to capture photos of over 70 specific dog breeds - a collection I still has today.  After Clancy did in 2008, I turned my focus to capturing the beauty of draft horses in motion every year at the NB Draft Horse Show.  Also with the encouragement of my sister Donna, I returned to my love of landscape photography."
Due to the increasing paralysis in my arms, I have been unable to handle heavy and/or complicated photography equipment, so today’s high-end digital 'point and shoot' camera with a flip back has been my tool.   Also exchanging crutches for an electric scooter has provided me with more mobility independence, so downtown Fredericton has become my main focus. “An intimate city with a cosmopolitan flair,” Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, has many heritage buildings and over 120km of walking trails along both sides of the St. John /Wolastoq River.  With my camera tucked in the basket of my scooter, I try not to miss an opportunity to capture the essence of Fredericton, followed by sessions with several photo enhancement software to create ny pieces of fine art photography. 
Most of Carol's artwork is printed locally so can be purchased privately and customized to one's specific requirements.  Several of her photographs have been requested for websites and magazines such as:  New Brunswick Tourism (Top 10 Hiking/Cycling Trails), City of Fredericton (Tourism and Recreation), Fredericton Trail Guide, Public Health Agency of Canada, and Atlantic Horse & Pony Magazine

Carol Randall specializes in fine art photography of landscapes and historical landmarks, especially of those located in Fredericton,  New Brunswick, Canada, her home for the past 35 years. Draft horses and large breed dogs also attract her lens.  Carol's photography can be viewed online at Fine Art America.  
"Mother Nature provides the canvas. I help to make it a work of art."
Besides gong to many private collectors, Carol's work has successfully been sold in several downtown Fredericton restaurants including Isaac's Way, The Abbey Cafe & Art Gallery and The Palate as well as the Fredericton City Hall Art Gallery and many Art & Craft Shows over the years.  Carol has participated in several exhibitions, including Different Perspectives with photographer Gary Weekes and a recent solo exhibit ArtAbility: The Seated Perspective at the Grand Manan Art Gallery.  Much of Carol's work is produced today in the form of photo based souvenirs that are sold in various locations in Fredericton and outlying areas under the name of Fredericton Keepsakes.