Clancy Memorial Award
a chained, abused and abandoned German Shepherd 
is the recipient of the
2009 Clancy Memorial Award.  
Heaven was given a second chance by Lisa Mowry.
Sadly, in 2009, at the age of 12, it was Lisa’s turn to stand by Heaven’s side when she fell ill and died in Lisa’s arms. A life that had started out so harsh had given back with undying love and compassion.  This is a life that is worth celebrating, a life that deserves to be acknowledged, and a life that asked for nothing in return except love.
Congratulations to Lisa Mowry and Heaven the winners of the 2009 Clancy Memorial Award.

Heaven had been beaten with a golf club, neglected and overcame extreme fear to become Lisa’s “hero”.  Heaven saved Lisa’s life when Lisa fell into diabetic shock on more than one occasion.  Heaven was by her side during painful and nauseating chemotherapy treatments, never leaving her side and always accompanying her to the hospital.  Heaven was there when Lisa felt she could no longer go on.