Clancy Memorial Award
a 12 year-old mixed breed, is the recipient of the 2010 Clancy Memorial Award.  
Ellie Mae was given a second chance 
by Wayne Burpee.
It wasn’t long before Ellie’s appreciation for being rescued from a near certain death, turned into a ‘love affair’ between she and Wayne.  Besides being a devoted and loving family pet, over the last several years, Ellie and Wayne have partnered in teaching “Bite Prevention” to over 1500 Kindergarten children in 75 schools throughout the province.  They have even appeared on CBC television demonstrating their skills. 

So many dogs are turned into rescue organizations or left abandoned because they bit a child – a child that was not taught by his elders the proper and safe way to interact with all dogs.   Ellie, with her gentle and now trusting nature, in turn has helped many children and dogs from becoming another statistic and in so doing has cemented the love and bond she feels for Wayne.
Congratulations to Ellie Mae and Wayne Burpee, the winners of the 2010 Clancy Memorial Award. 

The Daily Gleaner - May 31, 1010 - read here

Ellie Mae was left abanded by her owners 11 years ago, living underneath a back step next to a stone basement wall.  Here in the dead of winter Ellie Mae struggled to nurture her small pups, however the cold and lack of food soon left Ellie Mae alone.  Ellie Mae was Wayne Burpee’s first seizure as a newly appointed Animal Protection Officer.  Over the next few months Wayne couldn’t keep Ellie out of his mind, so adopted her soon afterwards.