Clancy Awards
For more information, contact either 
Fredericton SPCA or Carol Randall. 
The four Clancy Awards are: Clancy Memorial Award, 
Community Spirit Award, Service Award, and UnSung 
Hero Award.  Visit here for descriptions. The Clancy Awards are
open to all dogs - rescued or chosen.   

Rescued = A dog rescued from either the SPCA, animal shelter, stray, inspector   seizure, non-responsible dog owner (an abusive or neglectful home) or a dog that has been relinquished by its owner (simply no longer wanted or can no longer be cared for by its owner).    Chosen = A dog that was chosen for its particular breed or traits.  Dogs may be honored posthumously or currently living with its owner.
The Clancy Awards were set up to honour, Clancy, the Rottweiler adopted from the Fredericton SPCA by Carol Randall in 1994. Carol says that “Clancy was not only my companion and assistance dog, but also my ‘soul dog.’  It is this mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between a dog and its owner that I want to celebrate with others as I had with Clancy for over 13 years.”  
Riverside Neighbours
April 16, 2011
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